Donations & Help

I am always trying to keep the cost of classes and boarding down. 
With the recent gas prices along with the many other things that have escalated in price this past year we are in serious need of these items. 

I am not asking anyone to go out and buy new stuff. If you were to find a buy one get one free item we would love to have the extra or if your cleaning out your closet and was wondering who could use the old towels... look no further! 

Wondering how you could get
FREE Agility Classes, Private lessons,
Day-Care or Boarding?

I am looking for someone to help build and repair our agility equipment. 
I have all the tools equipment specs and materials... 
Nothing is very hard to build it just takes time. Time is something I have very little of these days... so thought I'd ask for help!
I also need help to transform the barn into a grooming area and thrift store. 
So... if you or anybody you know that could give us a hand,
 757-204-4411 or

Items that are always needed are:

Sandwich Baggies (flip top)
Bath Mats
Wire Crates
Plastic Yard Chairs
Kids Large Hard Plastic Yard Toys [tiny tike - climb on]

Help is always appreciated!
Mowing the Grass
Weed Eating
Moving Equipment
Loading and Unloading equipment for Trials & Demos
Poop Patrol
Fence Repairs
Grounds Maintenance 
Kennel Cleaning

 Any little bit you can help with
I really am grateful for.

Thank You,