The Family Dog Club 

2021 Daycare & Boarding Rates


You May Pay As You Go

18.00 Per Dog Per Day



Can Purchase Discounted Daycare Coupons !
Each coupon entitles your best friend to a full day of
doggie daycare at a discounted rate.


Discounted Daycare Coupons  

1 Dog

Book of 5 = $ 75.00 ($15.00 per day)

Book of 10 = $120.00 ($12.00 per day)


2 Dogs

Book of 5 $ 120.00 ($24.00 per day or $12.00 per dog)

Book of 10 $200.00 (20.00 per day or $10.00 per dog)



One Dog
$25.00 per night.
Each additional night after the 5th night is $23.00
Two Dogs
$23.00 per night, per dog [46.00]
Each additional night after the 5th night is $20.00 per dog or [40.00]
Three Dogs
                                     $19.00 per dog per night [57.00]                                                   
Each additional night after the 5th night is 18.00 per dog [54.00]

Best of all, the Family Dog Club's coupons do NOT expire!  

***** Coupons are for daycare use only and are not transferable to other FDC functions *****


Going to be gone for awhile?
We can also handle long term and monthly boarding... It's hard enough being away from your dog for extended stays what's worse is thinking your dog will have to stay in a crate the whole time... Not here, they will get to play all day                                                 which will help the time away from you go by just a little faster..                                                                                                       Please call or e-mail for additional discounts for monthly rates...

Got your own pack of dogs?
We offer additional discounts for more than three dogs. Call or e-mail for a quote

Please note:  For Boarding: A half-day charge will be added if dog is picked up after 12:00 p.m.

All Day-Care & Boarding Dogs MUST be checked in By or Before 10:00 a.m. 
you can come as early as 6:30am Monday through Friday
 Saturday & Sunday [ask Rita for weekend times]

Pick Up Monday & Tuesday by 5:00pm  all other nights by 7:00pm