Proof of Vaccinations

  • Proof of core vaccinations including vaccinations for Distemper / Parvovirus, Rabies. We also require that your dog be vaccinated for bordatella (kennel cough). There is a 5 day waiting period after receiving this vaccine so please plan ahead.
  • There is some debate amongst veterinarians about the best frequency of certain vaccinations. We are ok with yearly Bordatella vaccines, 3 year rabies & 3 year parvo/distemper vaccines depending on your dogs age... 
  • It is sufficient that you provide a current copy of your latest vet records, this should have the dates when each of these vaccines are due... 

"No Place Like Home" Stuff for Boarding Dogs

  • A blankie, bedding or something that smells like home. The dogs just love to have their own smells in their crates at night... It makes being away from home a little bit easier
  • We will give your dog a blanket to sleep on if one is not provided so please tell our staff at check in if your dog is a known blanket eater / shreader

Food for Boarding Dogs

  • Bring enough of your dog's normal food to cover the time he will be boarding with us. Please pack 2 or 3 days extra just in case...
  • Do not send food that your dog has never had. There's nothing worse than your dog getting an upset tummy while you are away.
  • Keep in mind that your dog runs and plays hard all day here and will be hungry, even the pickiest eater will be looking for a full bowl
  • Its important to pack some extra [at least 3 extra days]  just in case you get delayed or just want to stay a few extra days. We will return any unused food
  • We use actual measuring cups here to portion out your dogs food, if you have a special scoop that you use at home please include that in your bag of food or figure out how much it holds and let us know when you drop your dog off.
  • Please mark your dogs food with his FIRST name...
  • If your dog is allergic to any foods please let us know at check in

Keep in mind that many dogs suffer stomach upset after sudden dietary changes. Your dog will thank you for packing enough and so will I... Trust Me... Diarrhea at the dog club is NO fun!!! 

An extra fee will be assessed if we have to provide our food for your dog...                                                                                                                                                    The fee is not for the food [we will never let your dog go hungry] it's for the roll of paper towels and clean up supplies that will be needed to clean up the diarrhea from eating food that they are not used to...  and the vet bill for the meds that will come next...

Medications for Boarding Dogs or Daycare Dogs

  • Bring enough of your dog's medication to cover the time he will be with us. Be sure to pack a few extra just in case you are delayed, detained or just want to stay a few extra days
  • Please provide the medicine in the bottle provided by your veterinarian or pharmacy, so that there will be no questions as to frequency and quantity of medications to be administered. Unless noted by you we will administer according to the directions on the bottle
  • When checking in please be sure that our staff knows exactly what meds are needed and how often. Our staff will write medical instructions right on your registration form before you leave
  • Be sure your dogs meds are clearly marked with the dogs first name on it
  • We prefer that daycare dogs take their medications at home in the mornings or evenings, but will gladly administer medications that must be given more frequently than can be taken care of before and after daycare hours.
  • There may be an extra fee for administration of special medications. 

Special Medical Information

  • If your dog has any special medical needs or conditions, PLEASE LET US KNOW. 
  • If your dog is allergic to medications or certain foods please be sure to let us know at check in

Treats and Toys (for Boarding Dogs ONLY)

  • Bring any extra treats that you want us to give to your boarding dogs.
  • Please do NOT bring a toy with your dog unless he really REALLY **REALLY** needs it in order to go to sleep at night.
  • Treats and toys will only be given to your dog during crate times (meals & bedtime), in order to avoid any arguments between dogs. (We don't want your dog having to defend his chew toy from 10 or 15 other dogs.)
  • Please note that toys, chews, blankies, etc. have been known to be lost, stolen, chewed,  torn & eaten.. please know that FDC cannot be held responsible, although we do our best to not let that happen... So, please don't send that $20.00 dollar toy or Grandmas hand made quilt. 

Food / Treats for Daycare Dogs

  • Please provide food if your dog will be here during feeding times, it's hard for your dog to watch everyone eating and nothing for me...
  • Send treats if you prefer us not to feed your dog at least they will have something they are familiar with and yummy to eat while everyone else is eating
  • Keep in mind that your dog runs and plays hard all day here and will be hungry even the pickiest eater will want a snack