About us

Thank you for choosing Family Dog Club as your dog’s home away from home. Your dog will enjoy a safe, secure environment whether they are spending a few hours with us for daycare, staying overnight or taking one of our agility classes.

We’re located in the Hickory area of Chesapeake, where your dog will have fun romping, playing and chilling on our spacious property. Dogs are NOT kept in cages or crates all day or confined to 10-foot run. We give more than 15 minutes of individualized attention — your dog gets all of our attention for the duration of their stay.

Family Dog Club is a home-like environment with comfy dog beds all around and even TV! Special accommodations made for small dogs if necessary. Dogs can spend time in or out as they please.

Family Dog Club also includes three rings of regulation agility equipment. See our agility class offerings if you are interested in signing up for classes.

Meet Rita Phoenix, Owner 

Rita started Family Dog Club in 1997 and is hands-on with all aspects of the business that has a loyal following throughout Hampton Roads. She treats your dogs like her own and spoils them whether they’re spending the day, boarding overnight or taking classes with us. She lives on the premises, so your dogs are never left alone while in her care. Rita is certified in pet first aid and CPR. 

Rita’s passion extends to all dogs, but she has a special love for beagles. In 2008, Rita founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Beagles to the Rescue, which has since re-homed nearly 1,000 beagles. She owns three agility beagle champions of her own, Ivy May, PDQ and Zippidy Do Da. Her newest addition, Ruby Roo, is a mini Australian Shepherd.

Rita also teaches all levels of agility classes and can't wait to introduce the sport to you!


Don’t hesitate to call Family Dog Club at (757) 718-8800 with any and all questions. We’re a small club so don’t be surprised when Rita answers the phone. Or email questions to familydogclub@hotmail.com.


Family Dog Club 
1847 Centerville Turnpike South 
Chesapeake, VA 23322
(757) 718-8800