What if my dog has never done anything like agility before? 
Sign up for a Basic class and introduce your dog to all the obstacles 

Why should I become a member of Family Dog Club? 
Membership has its privileges! You pay a monthly fee instead of a class free, so it’s a considerable discount. Membership entitles you to come to any and all classes (depending on your level of experience), and you can come practice wherever rings are available day or night. 

What shots are required for my dog to be in an agility class? 
We require proof of a current Rabies and Parvo/Distemper vaccine. 

What if my dog won’t behave off-leash? 
Dogs remain on their leashes for all levels of classes until you and your dog are confident and ready to work off leash. 

Can my dog play on any of the obstacles in the ring? 
Every week in the Basic class, your dog will learn multiple new obstacles. In the interest of safety, we ask that your dog only work on the obstacles they have learned in class. 

What should I bring to an agility class? 
Your dog should be on a leash of at least 6 feet. No shock collars, please. Flexi-leashes are also not recommended. 

Bring your own poop bags to clean up after your dog. 
A training pouch or apron work great to hold your itty bitty treats that you will reward your dog with.  Please be sure your training pouch is sealed so no treats spill on the ground while you are running and training your dog. 

If it’s your first class, please bring proof of current Rabies and Parvo/Distemper vaccines. Bring your own dish and water (in colder months, our hose is turned off). 

Anything else I need to know before my first agility class? 
Make sure your dog has pottied prior to entering the ring. It’s important to keep the ring free of scents that will distract your dog and other dogs. If your dog does use the potty inside the ring, please clean up after your dog. There are trashcans near the shed. Use one of the green watering cans located throughout the ring to sprinkle where your dog has pottied. These cans are filled with bleach water, which helps to sanitize the potty spot. Please do not let your dog drink from these cans. You do not want your dog to ingest bleach! 

What should I wear to class? 
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 

I want my child to take an agility class. How old does a child have to be? 
Ask Rita. Children of all ages are welcome provided they can handle a dog. A parent must remain with the child at all times unless prior arrangements are made. 


What are your hours for daycare? 
Monday/Tuesday: Dropoff is between 6:30 a.m.-10 a.m.; pick up by 5 p.m. 
Wednesday-Friday: Drop off is between 6:30 a.m.; pick up by 6 p.m. 
Please ask Rita about weekend boarding. 

What is daycare and boarding like at Family Dog Club? 
We treat your dogs like our dogs. They run and play all day on 3 acres instead of being cramped up inside a crate or confined to a 10-foot run. They can go inside and outside as they please. 

What if I have a small or older dog? I am worried about them being around big dogs. 
We don’t allow aggressive dogs to come to Family Dog Club. Small and older dogs have their own areas with multiple dog beds to lounge on. 

What if I have a puppy? 
Your puppy must have Rabies and a minimum of two rounds of Parvo/Distemper prior to being on the property. (Keep in mind, they are not fully vaccinated until they are 12 weeks.) We work on socialization and potty training skills. 

Why does my dog need a trial visit for daycare/boarding? 
A trial visit allows us to see how your dog interacts with other dogs. It also takes the stress out of leaving your dog on the first day. Your dog gets to see you leave and also realizes you’re coming back. 

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?
No dog over the age of 6 months can be included in our daycare and boarding without being spayed or neutered. 

What shots does my dog need for daycare and boarding? 
Daycare and boarding require your dog to be current on Rabies, Parvo/Distemper and Bordetella. There is a 5-day wait before your dog can come on the property after receiving the Bordetella vaccine to prevent the transmission of kennel cough. 

What if my dog is sick? 
We ask that you care for your dog that has diarrhea or cold-like symptoms at home. Dog boarding and daycare facilities are just like kindergarten. Many doggie ailments are transferable. If your dog does not feel well, they are unlikely to be happy staying with others You are welcome to bring your dog back when they are better. 

Can I bring a blanket for my dog who is boarding? 
Of course! A blanket, bedding or something that smells like home is a comfort to your dog. We will make sure your dog has what you brought in their crate at bedtime. 

Should I bring my own food for boarding? 
Yes! Your dog does best on their regular diet. If boarding, please pack two or three days extra in the event of an extended stay. We will return any unused food. Mark your dog’s food with their first name. We can measure it out or you can provide individual portions. Let us know of any allergies. 

What about food/treats for daycare dogs? 
Bring your food/treats in a sealed container or Ziplock bag with your dog’s first name on it. If you prefer we not feed your dog during daycare, please provide a few treats. At least they will have something to eat while the other dogs enjoy their meals. 

What if my dog is on medication? 
Bring enough of your dog’s medication to cover the time spent at Family Dog Club. Pack extra just in case of an extended stay. Please provide the medication in the original bottle from the veterinarian or pharmacy. Make sure your dog’s first name is clearly marked on all medications. Make sure you mention medication at check-in. For daycare dogs, we ask that you administer first and last doses of the day. We can provide a mid-day dose if necessary. 

Can I bring toys? 
Toys have a way of getting destroyed with multiple dogs playing with them. If you’d like, we can include your toy or chewie in your dog’s crate. No rawhides, either. 

Can I bring my Pit Bull Terrier or Pit mix to daycare? 
We are sorry, but we cannot accept Pit Bull Terriers or Pit mixes. We understand that your dog might be a sweetheart, but their strength and power are too much for average dogs in this setting. We hate to turn any dog away, but we cannot make any exceptions.