This class introduces your dog to all the agility equipment on the property (jumps, tunnels, dog walks, weave polls, teeters, boxes, tables, etc.). Building a foundation for success with this fun class is perfect for dogs and owners who have little or no experience.

Your dog learned the obstacles in basic. At this level, you master handling techniques so your dog connects with you on the agility course. You learn all of the terminology, including rear and front crosses, blind crosses, back crosses, switches, obstacle discrimination and more. We practice sequencing on courses, too. Prerequisite: Must have completed Basic Class.


If you've taken Intermediate 1 at least once but don't feel ready to advance to the next level, Intermediate 1.5, will be an excellent fit for you and your dog. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

After you’ve mastered Intermediate I and 1.5, you can continue to build on your handling skills and body language so you and your dog can work together as a successful team. Prerequisite: Must have completed Intermediate I/I.5 or instructor approval.

When you’ve aced the other classes and you and your dog have become a team, now you’re ready to refine your skills on full courses. This level of agility prepares you and your dog for competition. Even if you never set foot in the ring, the skills you learn at this level will cement the bond you have with your dog.  Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

Ask about discounts for junior handlers!

Call 757-718-8800 to schedule yours with Rita or schedule with Brandy by emailing Rita will be happy to work one-on-one with you and your pup for either a half-hour ($35) or a full hour ($50). Or share a lesson with a friend for a group rate of $35 apiece per hour. Ask Brandy about her rates.